How long is a typical reading?

I have yet to have a reading that is less than an hour, or more than 3, so the average is about 1.5-2 hours. There is no way of telling how much information the other side will come through with, which is why I changed my rate   structure to be open-ended, as the spirit world does not acknowledge our concept of time and space. I want each of my clients to get the most they can from their reading and not feel restricted by time.

Is a phone reading the same or as accurate as an in person reading? If so, how can that be?

Yes, actually in many ways a phone reading is preferred by many. You and I both can be in our own personal spaces where we're comfortable, avoiding traffic and other hassles. Also, there can be no doubt that the reading is tainted by the Medium reading your body language etc. As I said above, the spirit world is not restricted by time and space, so it is possible for them to connect with you and I both simultaneously, in different places. Additionally, a phone reading allows you the option of having your session recorded as well. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose which is more meaningful to you, based on your needs and preferences, as I am happy to schedule in person readings, and love to meet people personally.

Can you contact more than one person?

Yes, I can, the goal for a Medium is to separate the energies and their messages. I feel that you receive the most complete messages if we focus on the primary few that you wish to connect with, as sometimes with too many, their messages can become abbreviated if they are vying for time, or one energy can overshadow a more quiet energy. They realize that for them as well as for me, time is of the essence, as we all have only so much energy for a given session, and some can be pushier than others. I recommend that if there are several you really need to connect with, tobreak it up into different sessions, to get the most from each being. Also, there is only so much you can absorb, knowing this, they may limit their messages.

Can one reading really help, or will I need more to get results?

For most people, 1 reading really does help, and makes a lasting difference. Unless, as I mentioned above, there are several beings you wish to connect with. Also, if you are interested in connecting with your Spirit Guides as well as your loved ones, I like to schedule separate sessions for this. Sometimes your Guides will come through during a normal reading, but most of the time, they want your complete attention. The process to connect with these types of beings is different, so I prefer to do them separately.

Can I ask questions during the reading?

Yes you may. I actually welcome questions after I have shared with you the preliminary information that I have received. I only ask that if I am conveying their messages, please don't interrupt me, and make a note to go back to later. Often, if I am interrupted they go on without me, so it's important that I keep up. This is especially true with Spirit Guides, as they operate from a higher level, and share a lot of information very quickly. I only ask that your question's intention in not to “test” me or prove to yourself that the process is real. It's disrespectful to both your loved one and I, and is a lack of faith in the process which blocks the energy and the process. You will not get the best reading possible until you are more open , and should wait until then to seek a reading.

I’ve heard that Mediums can’t stay connected for very long, how long can you do a reading?

I have been able to do readings for several hours, it just depends on how long the information keeps flowing, and when I get tired. They seem to be able to tell when I need to be done, and will usually begin pulling away when they feel my energy has dropped. I have not had a reading that is less than 1 ½ hour, and sometimes they can last as long as 3 hours.

If I live overseas can you still do a reading for me?

Yes, we will just need to keep in mind time differences when scheduling your session. Also, you will be calling a telephone number in the US, so just keep this in mind.

Should I take notes during my reading? (benefits of notes vs. recording)

You may take notes, or for telephone readings choose to have it recorded. You can also record your in person session yourself, although sometimes their energy can interfere with electronics and it will not work. The benefit of recording versus notes is that it allows you to focus more on what you are hearing that what you are trying to remember to write.

Will you remember the details of my reading if I forget?

I will not likely remember the details of your reading. Being looked after as I am from the other side, I believe that they know I can not possibly carry the weight of all the emotions and information that is shared in my sessions, without it affecting my well being. This why taking notes or recording your session is advisable for your future reference.

How much information should I share when I contact you?

Every Medium operates differently, some want nothing, some want more. I personally want only the name of those you wish to contact. If you give too much, it can interfere with you feeling that the messages and validations are authentic, that it is indeed your loved one. It also helps me to remain objective and keep the messages flowing, and to know that the messages are coming from “them” and not my mind inserting information that you have previously shared. During your reading, I may ask "Does this make sense? Do you understand the information?" that's when I appreciate validation to know that I am on the right track.

Why do most Psychic Mediums say to come to a reading with no expectations?

For many reasons.. It's important to enter your reading with an open mind and no expectations, being grateful for whatever they choose to come through with. I realize this is easier said than done, but is very important if you want to really hear their messages and validations, leaving you with a sense of peace and satisfaction. It is disappointing for all concerned, if you approach your reading thinking that “if it is really them” that they will come through with specific pieces of information, and if they don't, you discount all the other validations that they did choose to come through with. Many times they will come through with those expected messages, but other times they come through with other, equally meaningful validations. In any case, it's to your benefit to remain open to anything. If you aren't, it blocks the natural flow of energy, and can interfere with their efforts as well as mine. None of us understands the reasons why who comes through, when they do, in the way they do. If you really want to connect with The Other Side, you have to let that human part of your thinking go, at least for the duration of your reading, it will also enable you to be more open for future experiences of your own, if you learn to do this in your everyday life. Also, they have “free will” just as we do, so expecting them to “prove” anything to you and having expectations about what you think they should say, (or who should come through) is disrespectful on your part. Just as with God, when connecting with the spiritual realm, your ability to have a certain level of “blind faith” is necessary and beneficial.

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